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Covid-19 FAQ's

UPDATED 11/9/2022

Vacation Rentals are open in Bay County, Florida.

All Beaches in Bay County are open to the public.  All restaurants and attractions are open.  There are no mask requirements in Florida

The State of Florida has been declared "Fully Open For Business" by our Governor, Ron Desantis!  Welcome to the Free State of Florida!

Trip insurance is never required as a prerequisite to book a vacation rental with us but, you may wish to consider it if you are concerned that your plans may change. At the time you book your reservation, you have the opportunity to purchase trip insurance for stays at least 30 days from the booking date. This is offered during checkout for your booking and you will need to pay the trip insurance premium as part of your initial payment if you decide to purchase. Trip insurance must be purchased within a few days of your booking. You may receive a reminder from our Travel Insurance partner offering trip insurance after you book. If you are booking through a 3rd party site, you can also purchase trip insurance from that company. Please be sure to read carefully the terms and conditions for all trip insurance you are considering purchasing prior to purchase.
If a member of your party comes down with Covid and you provide a letter from your Doctor stating that they are unable to travel, we will be glad to allow you to re-schedule your rental to a later date. If there is a difference in price due to re-scheduling, you will be responsible for paying the difference at the time of re-scheduling.

Cleanliness is always a main focus of our Company. Because of Covid-19, we are re-doubling our efforts to make sure that you remain as safe as possible while on vacation with us.

We disinfect all high touch surfaces in your vacation rental. We clean all hard surface floors with steam mops. We take special care to wipe down surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchens. All doorknobs, faucets, towel bars, countertops, tables and light switches are disinfected. Our laundry is sent out to a professional service for high temperature washing.

Once our housekeeping staff finishes cleaning and disinfecting, our inspectors check everything just to be sure nothing was missed.

Keeping you safe and healthy are very important to us and we appreciate your confidence in us.

Basically, you’ll be using the same procedures you use at home since your vacation rental is your home away from home. Staying in a vacation rental is one of the safest ways to have a vacation during an outbreak since you can effectively isolate from other people so easily. The State of Florida has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions. All businesses and restaurants are open at full capacity.

Upon entering your vacation rental from outside, it is best practice to immediately have everyone wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

We recommend that all guests take extra care when using elevators, luggage carts, pool lounges and other common areas within the resorts. Most resorts have hand sanitizer stations near elevators and in other common areas. Also, don’t forget to take disinfectant wipes to the pool/beach and other common areas so you can wipe down surfaces that you might come in contact with along the way.  Note that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other diseases exists in any public place where people are present or have been present. Many diseases is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and/or death. By using this vacation rental, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to any communicable disease.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis has removed all COVID-19 restrictions in Florida at this time.

Florida is 100% open for business. Masks are not required by state and local mandate.

All condo complex pools are open.

If there are closures ordered by the Federal Government, the State of Florida or the Local Governments that prohibit vacation rentals, you will be allowed to reschedule your stay for a later date. If this results in increased charges, these will be due at the time of re-scheduling. Keep in mind that Travel Insurance is available at the time of booking to cover the possibility of such closures that prevent you from traveling.