Emerald Beach Properties markets your property based on its condition and how well it is furnished.  We strive to help all our owners bring their properties up the highest standards so guests will be willing to pay top dollar.  Properties with higher rankings can usually charge higher rental rates!
VRBO Platinum Ad


In order to provide our clients maximum occupancy, we use VRBO, along with our own website and extensive marketing program. Emerald Beach Properties requires all clients to have a listing with VRBO. Emerald Beach Properties will maintain and update your VRBO ad and listing on our website and marketing materials.  This includes basic property photography by our professional staff at no charge to you.   Additional photography, videos and other premium marketing services are offered to our clients through our service menu.

Linen Pool Membership

Each property joins the linen pool upon entering the rental program and pays an initial set up fee based on the size and configuration of the property.  This includes high thread count sheets, fluffy bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, make up removal towels to help prevent staining to white towels and kitchen towels.   To maintain the highest level of quality for our clients and guests, we replace worn, stained, and torn linen continuously. Each year, the owner is responsible for an annual linen fee to cover the costs of replacing linens.

Secure Lock System


Emerald Beach Properties uses the latest in hospitality lock systems to provide the highest level of secure property access to our guests and clients.  In order to do that, we require the purchase and use of a ResortLock door lock.  This system is maintained and administered by us and allows us to control access to your property by date and time.  Each owner receives their own permanent code.  Each guest receives their own date/time restricted code. Housekeeping uses electronic keys that are issued when service is assigned and returned when completed.  Management personnel have assigned permanent codes.  Your HOA office has an assigned permanent code.  All of these codes can be changed on short notice to ensure security of the unit. All codes can be read back to determine who has entered your property and when they did.

Internet and Phone


You must provide internet and phone with free US & Canada long distance service in your property.  This is a big selling point with guests.  Most properties provide cable TV as part of the quarterly home owners’ dues.  We recommend using the same provider for high speed internet and then adding a VoIP system such as Magic Jack or Ooma to provide phone service at a reasonable cost.  We have a dedicated representative for many of the internet providers in PCB to allow for quick resolution of any issues in units that are part of our group.

Maintenance and Repair


Owners are responsible for all maintenance and repair of their properties.  Emerald Beach Properties offers our Basic Maintenance Program to take care of all the little things that can go wrong.  We also offer many additional upgrades and maintenance tasks on our maintenance service menu.  If you need additional work done, just ask us and we’ll help you find the right contractor or service person to handle the issue.

Annual Deep Clean


Emerald Beach Properties requires that each property be deep cleaned at least annually by our staff. We strongly recommend more frequent deep cleans. We arrange for deep cleans and bill this cost to clients. Deep cleans include moving all furniture/appliances and cleaning underneath, cleaning under sofa cushions, cleaning all cabinets and drawers, etc. We perform an annual maintenance check during the deep clean and a full inventory of all items in the property. Comforters are cleaned according to the care instructions for each item and are billed in addition to the deep clean fee. After each deep clean the owner is provided with a list of items that need to be replaced and an estimated cost for the replacements. With your approval, we can replace missing or damaged items found during our deep cleaning. In conjunction with each deep clean, we provide owner with recommendations for keeping the property in top condition for rental along with estimates for necessary repairs. Upon owner approval of the cost, we can complete the recommended repairs.

Legal Requirements

Emerald Beach Properties requires that each property be in compliance with all applicable ordinances and laws.  Prior to joining our program, we’ll help you complete the paperwork necessary to get your unit set up for local & State licensing, payment of taxes, etc.

We’ll have you fill out Federal forms so that we can issue your year-end 1099 for tax purposes.

We’ll get you set up for direct deposit so that your monthly checks can go right into the checking account of your choice.

We need a power of attorney from you that allows us to evict guests who are not in compliance with their rental agreement, State/Local laws and ordinances, and/or rules and regulations established by your community association.