Safety & Wellness

Cleanliness & safety are very important for you and for our Company.  Because of Covid-19, we are re-doubling our efforts to make sure that you remain as safe as possible in our vacation rental properties.

We follow the CDC’s guidelines & we support the SafeHome Program outlined by VRMA & VRHP for cleaning your vacation rental prior to your arrival.  See more information on the SafeHome program below.

We disinfect all high touch surfaces with CDC recommended products.  We clean all hard surface floors with steam mops.  We take special care to wipe down everything in bathrooms and kitchens.  All doorknobs, faucets, towel bars, countertops, tables and light switches are sanitized.  Our laundry is sent out to a professional service for high temperature washing.

Once our housekeeping staff finishes cleaning and disinfecting, our inspectors check everything and finish off with a Sanix fog treatment just to be sure nothing was missed.  Sanix is a commercial grade germicide, that allows us to do this final sanitizing step without having to touch anything in the property. We also use ozone generators for additional disinfection when properties are vacant for more than 24 hours or if there are additional concerns that need to be addressed.

Guest Responsibilities for Staying Safe and Well

Every property has been provided with a poster reminding everyone of procedures that should be followed to help keep everyone safe & well.  Ultimately, it is each person’s responsibility to take care of themselves to prevent spreading the virus.  We recommend the following whether you are on vacation or at home:

Basically, you’ll be using the same procedures you use at home since your vacation rental is your home away from home.  Staying in a vacation rental is one of the safest ways to take a vacation during the outbreak since you can effectively isolate from other people so easily.

  • Upon entering your vacation rental from outside, best practice is to immediately have everyone wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • We recommend that all guests take extra care when using elevators, luggage carts, pool lounges and other common areas within the resorts.
  • Most resorts have hand sanitizer stations near elevators and in other common areas.
  • Don’t forget to take disinfectant wipes or spray to the pool/beach and other common areas so you can wipe down surfaces that you might come in contact with along the way.
  • When using the elevators, we recommend wearing masks, wiping down luggage carts and elevator buttons, using hand sanitizer, riding with members of your party only.  It’s better to wait a few minutes for the next car if you are in doubt.
  • Take care of yourself and members of your group. Remember that proper handwashing is your most important defense against viruses.

Keeping you safe and healthy are very important to us and we appreciate your confidence in us.

SafeHome Program

Emerald Beach Properties is a member of both the Vacation Rental Manager’s Association & Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professional’s Association and we support their joint SafeHome Campaign to be sure our guests can be confident in the cleanliness of our vacation rentals.

The guidelines include recommendations for augmenting existing cleaning programs to account for COVID-19, including:

  • Disinfection and sanitization techniques
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Recommended products, cleaning agents and equipment
  • Updated cleaning and inspection processes for soft surfaces, upholstery and linens
  • Trash removal and maintenance processes
  • Communicating expanded cleaning processes to guests

These recommendations have been incorporated into Emerald Beach Properties’ housekeeping procedures.