Sample Rental Agreement

Arrival Instructions:
Directions along with access codes, and other information will be provided upon receipt of Final Payment.

The approval of this application at the stated rate is based on the number of occupants listed.

We appreciate you choosing Emerald Beach Properties, Inc. for your vacation and want to wish you a relaxing, beautiful and fun filled visit to the world’s most beautiful beaches! Below is our list of terms and conditions, as well as some tips that we’ve picked up throughout the years. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, even if it’s just for restaurant recommendations! We are here to make your stay as memorable and enjoyable as possible; we look forward to seeing you soon!


Your vacation rental from Emerald Beach Properties, Inc. is a transient rental under Florida law. This means that your tenancy is temporary for the stated time period only.

A completed Vacation Rental Agreement and the 25% down payment are required within 24 hours to hold your reservation. If the Rental Agreement and down payment are not received within 24 hours, the reservation will NOT be held for you. Review and acceptance of the Emerald Beach Properties Terms & Conditions, which is made part of this Rental Agreement, is required before a confirmation is issued. ​By signing this agreement, you and your guests agree to all terms and conditions listed in the rental agreement, as well as the property specific rules and regulations.

Renter Requirements:
For legal purposes, the person placing the reservation is the named Guest on the agreement. All other persons involved with the rental are the Guest’s invitees. All discussion regarding the reservation, payments, cancelation, and damage policies will be with the Guest only, not the Guest’s invitees. The Guest understands that Emerald Beach Properties only rents to responsible adults over the age of 21 at Shores of Panama and Grand Panama, and over the age of 25 for all other properties.

All unit descriptions are correct at the time of booking, but due to continuous unit upgrades, changes may be made before your arrival. Emerald Beach Properties reserves the right to change rental unit assignments when emergency conditions arise. Every attempt will be made to notify you, as soon as possible, if a change in your unit assignment occurs.

How to Make a Payment:
All payments and deposits are due in US Dollars, drawn on US banks only. Please let us know if you require wire transfer instructions. If you have paid a security deposit/pet deposit, your security deposit does not apply to the rental amount, it is a separate additional amount and will be refunded to you, in full, pending no damage or extra cleaning required upon check out. If everything is found in good order after your departure, the deposit will be returned within 14 business days. All deposits are returned by check issued to the Guest and are mailed to the address on your Rental Agreement.

The full rental amount must be paid in full 30 days prior to arrival. Upon receipt of your full payment, check-in information will be e-mailed to you. If all amounts due are not paid in full 30 days prior to arrival, and other arrangements have not been made for payment, the reservation will be canceled, and your entire security deposit and/or down payment will be forfeited. If a reservation is made less than 30 days prior to arrival, full payment is due when the reservation is made. A $40.00 service charge will be incurred for any returned checks or E-checks.

Payments can be made in the following ways:
If paying your reservations within 14 days of your arrival, you may either over-night us certified funds (money order/official check) or pay by credit card.
1.) Electronic check payments can be made over the phone. Please provide the routing number and account number you wish to use as payment. We recommend you check with your bank to verify the routing number and account number they require to process and electronic check. Both the routing number and account number are normally found on the bottom of your check.
2.) Credit/debit card payments can be made over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. If a credit card is used for payment, the credit card must have an expiration date that extends beyond your stay.
3.) Check/money order payments can be mailed to our office. If paying by check, please make sure to let us know if you have chosen this form of payment.
Please make checks payable to Emerald Beach Properties, Inc. and mail to:
Emerald Beach Properties, Inc.
2027 Joan AV
Panama City Beach, FL 32408
**Please make sure to put the reservation ID number on the check**

Accidental Damage Waiver Fee/Security Deposit:
The Accidental Damage Waiver Fee for all reservations is $50.00. This Accidental Damage Waiver Fee covers accidental, reported damages to the unit or resort property during your stay. The Accidental Damage Waiver Fee covers accidental, reported damages up to $1200.00. Any repair or replacement costs that are in excess of $1200.00 will be charged to the payment information on file. In order for damages to be covered by the Accidental Damaged Waiver Fee, they must be reported to the Property Manager within 12 hours of the damage occurrence. Malicious or purposeful damage is not covered by the Accidental Damage Waiver Fee. The Accidental Damage Waiver Fee is NOT a deposit & is NOT refundable.

Additional Spring Break Season Requirements: 
Reservations made for the Spring Break season require a $200.00 refundable security deposit in addition to the Accidental Damage Waiver Fee. This is due at the time of booking. Refundable security deposits will be returned in full, pending no damages to the unit or resort property, within 14 business days. All security deposit refunds are made by check to the Guest and will be mailed to the address on your Rental Agreement. Also required for reservations made during the Spring Break Season are copies of Driver’s Licenses or State Issued IDS for all Guests and Guest invitees. These must be submitted at least 20 days prior to arrival.

Maximum Occupancy Restrictions & Unit Usage:
Per the Bay County, Florida Fire Code, each unit has a maximum occupancy limit. This varies by property. You must abide by the occupancy limit for your unit as listed on your Rental Agreement. The only exception is a child in a crib. If you are found to be in violation of the Fire Code, it is grounds for immediate eviction by the Fire Department with no refund of unused days remaining on your rental. At no time is the unit to be sublet to another individual. If guest invitee(s) under the age of 25 (21 for Shores of Panama, Grand Panama, and Private Beach Homes) will be staying in the unit, they must be supervised by a guest 25 or older.

A Note From the Panama City Beach Fire Inspector:
I will NOT allow blow up mattresses at any time, because this would be a trip hazard in case of emergency. REMEMBER square feet divide by 200 is the load factor and that is all allowed in each unit.

Parking Passes and Wristbands
You are required to comply with the property’s Rules and Regulations regarding display of parking passes, assigned and reserved parking spaces and current wristband policy. These policies are changed from time to time by the individual properties. This process is beyond our control. You will be informed of the current policies in your check in e-mail.

Cancelations and Refunds
Cancelations may be made up to 30 days prior to your arrival date. A $35.00 cancelation fee will be deducted from your down payment for cancelations made at least 30 days prior to your arrival. The remainder of the down payment will be returned to you, by check, within 14 business days. A cancelation made 30-15 days prior to your arrival date will result in the forfeiture of $250.00 of your down payment. Cancelations made 14-0 days prior to your arrival will result in the forfeiture of all monies paid. Cancelations or early departures due to inclement weather do not warrant a refund, with the exception of a mandatory evacuation.

Catastrophic Events & Emergency Evacuations:
If a catastrophe (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, etc.), or any situation simply beyond our control impairs the vacation rental, Emerald Beach Properties is not responsible for finding alternate lodging for the guest(s) or for the guest’s financial losses related to transportation or alternate lodging. If a mandatory evacuation is ordered, you will receive a refund of the days the property was unused. Cleaning fees, parking passes or other rental additions will not be refunded in the event of a mandatory evacuation, if you have already checked in.

Check In & Check Out
Check-in is 4:00 pm CST on your scheduled arrival date. Check-out is 10:00 am CST on your scheduled departure date. Our lock system is preprogrammed to allow your access to the property starting at 4:00 pm CST on your check in date and to terminate access at 10:00 am CST on your check-out date. Emerald Beach Properties cannot guarantee an early arrival, or late departure, but we will do our very best to accommodate these requests. If you have not made prior arrangements with the Property Manager, please do not plan to have access to your unit prior to 4:00 pm on your scheduled day of arrival, or after 10:00 am on your scheduled day of departure. 

Please complete an arrival inspection on your day of arrival and report any broken items, damage or issues to the Property Manager within 12 hours of your arrival. Any damages to the property or to the resort property that occur during your stay must be reported immediately to the Property Manager. In the event that damage occurs in the unit, whether reported by the guest or found after departure, the guest will be responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement. If the amount of repair and/or replacement exceeds the deposit amount, or the Accidental Damage Waiver Fee amount, the Guest is responsible for any additional costs. All costs for repair or replacement will be charged to the payment information on file.

Emerald Beach Properties reserves the right to cancel or rescind any rental agreement if it is found that the Guest and/or Guest Invitees are conducting unlawful activities, causing damage to the unit or resort property, not abiding by the Home Owners Association House Rules, disturbing others by playing loud music, percussion, audio or instruments, or cause any loud or offensive noises, have made any misrepresentations about the nature or size of the group or use of the group or the use of the property or any other misrepresentations or any other way in breach of the rental agreement. If you are evicted from a unit, you will not receive a refund for the day(s) unused and your security deposit (if applicable) will be forfeited. Any repair or replacement costs resulting from damages found in the unit after an eviction will be charged to the payment information on file.

Left, Lost, Stolen Items
Emerald Beach Properties, Inc. is not liable for any lost, missing or stolen items during your stay. We will help our guests recover items in any way that we are able, but are not responsible for personal items. If items were left in the unit and are found after your departure, every effort will be made to return the items to you. The items can be mailed back to you COD, or a flat fee can be paid in advance, depending on the size of the item(s).

If a maintenance issue arises during your stay, please contact us at 850-234-0997 during normal business hours. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST.

Maintenance issues are typically handled Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.  If we must enter your unit for maintenance during your stay, we will make every effort to contact you in advance to arrange for a convenient time.  However, Management reserves the right to enter the premises as needed to handle maintenance issues and to inspect the property. Maintenance requests are handled by the level of urgency, and then by the order that they were received. During certain times of the year, maintenance may not be able to be dispatched to your unit immediately. Rest assured, we will handle your requests as soon as possible.

Please see the paragraph below, labeled ‘After-Hours & Emergencies’, for information regarding maintenance issues outside of normal business hours.

Upon check-in, if you find problems with the cleaning of the unit, or if you are missing linens upon arrival, please contact us at 850-234-0997 and we will arrange to take care of the problem as soon as possible. We have staff on call 24 hours to handle any and all housekeeping issues. All properties represented by Emerald Beach Properties come fully equipped with television(s), linens, dishes and utensils, plus an initial supply of soap and paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels). Other amenities vary per property. Please visit our website to view our list of items we recommend to bring with you on your vacation.

After-Hours & Emergencies 
If an issue occurs after hours, contact us at 850-234-0997. Please leave a message if there is no answer. We have staff on call after-hours to handle emergency issues. Emergency situations are: guest locked out of their unit, leaks, non-working toilet (if it is the only one in the unit), air conditioning if it is above 80 degrees outside, as well as other serious issues. WiFi issues, cable TV issues, etc. are not considered emergencies and will not be handled after-hours.
**For medical, fire, smoke, and any other emergencies, please immediately call 9-1-1**

​Internet services are available in all units, subject to availability from the service provider. You will find the wireless password on the router itself, as well as on the Phone/Internet Info card found in your unit. There may be times that the internet is not functioning due to issues with the provider. This can be frustrating for everyone involved and because it is beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that the internet will be working at all times.

Please DO NOT press the reset button on the router, this will result in a service call from the internet provider and a $50.00 charge assessed to you for the service call. Once the router reset button is pressed, the modem will not work again until the service call is completed. It can take up to 48 hours for a service technician to be available for internet calls.

Bunk Beds & Sleeper Sofas
Bunk beds are built for one child under 100 pounds in each bunk. As a safety precaution, no adults or multiple children should use bunk beds. Sleeper sofas are provided in all units. We cannot guarantee the comfort of the sleeper sofas and we do not recommend adult usage of sleeper sofas.

No Pets
No condo rented through Emerald Beach Properties allows pets. This is not a decision made by Emerald Beach Properties, this is a rule set by the Condominium Associations. If a pet is found in the unit, or on the Condominium’s Property during your stay, you will be required to remove the pet immediately and find a boarding facility. If a pet is found in the unit, or on the Condominium’s Property, or if evidence of a pet being in the unit is found after your departure, your full deposit will be forfeited (if applicable) and the Guest will be responsible for any extra cleaning costs. All costs will be charged to the payment information on file.

No Smoking or Open Flame
No unit rented through Emerald Beach Properties allows smoking inside the unit, or on the balcony if the balcony door is open. No candles, or open flame of any kind, are permitted in the units. Any evidence of smoking and/or open flames (cigarette butts, ashes, smoke smell, burn holes, char marks) found after your departure will result in the forfeiture of your entire security deposit (if applicable) and the Guest will be responsible for any extra cleaning/damage costs. All costs will be charged to the payment information on file.

I/we, the undersigned, hereby apply for the above listed accommodation and warrant that I/we have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of this application. I/we agree to abide by Homeowners/Agents/Association restrictions on use of said property. I/we further understand and represent that I/we are executing this application on behalf of all parties named on the guest list.

I agree that this is a legally binding document and I have read all terms and conditions in this document. I am agreeing to sign this Rental Agreement electronically.

Please sign to accept above Terms and Conditions


We look forward to your visit!