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Shelling, Modern Day Treasure Hunting!

Shelling is the original treasure hunting and is enjoyed by people everywhere! Delicate seashells are like tiny washed up treasures. Enjoy beachcombing on Panama City Beach while you are here on vacation. The shells you’ll see vary from day to day so, it’s always an adventure. You can amass a treasure trove of real beauties while you enjoy your beach time. Some are snowy white and others are very colorful. You never know what you’ll find.

All you need is a mesh bag or other suitable container for carrying your shell stash and some free time to roam the water’s edge!

Remember to please inspect each shell before dropping into your bag, because it is illegal to take live shells from the beach.

For an extra special shelling experience, we highly recommend a trip to Shell Island, Panama City Beach, Florida. This secret spot is where the locals go for shelling an for taking a day off! Take a shuttle, rent a pontoon boat or a jet ski and head out to Shell Island, a tiny oasis that is perfect for when you want to get away from it all. This untouched beach area is mostly undeveloped and remains unspoiled so, you’ll find plenty of seashells to collect in addition to enjoying a day of swimming, snorkeling and beachcombing. Commonly found shells here are conch shells, junonia shells, tulip shells and spotted slipper shells.

Once you have your collection, you’ll want to display it in a special way. Here are some ideas for shell displays.

We wish you good hunting and luck finding some great shells while you are visiting us in PCB!

Display your Shell Collection in a Coastal Bowl with other beach items.

Use your Shell Collection to Make a Sailor’s Valentine for Your Sweetie!

Make a Sea Shell Mobile or Wind Chime to Remind You of Your Time At The Beach!

A Shell Wall Hanging or Curtain Is A Special Memento Of The Ocean!